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Just starting a business? Get your company online,
with a distinctive profile and attractive web pages!
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Get your company out there, with a distinctive profile and attractive web pages. In days, not weeks. Prepare for a substantial sales increase, once your customers can find you!

Everyone has their area of excellence. When a situation arises outside that competence sector, getting assistance rather than learning from mistakes makes solid business sense. Through hard-earned experience, I have acquired a wealth of experience. Talk to me, and transform your problems back to growth.

It’s worth mentioning that I’m flexible in regards of compensation and would be happy to accept stock if you don’t have an additional budget.

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Learning from your own mistakes is fine, as long as you have the time, and your competitors will wait for you. Or how about benefiting from other's experience, and getting it right from the start? I can offer a range of answers to technical issues, from basic fault-finding to IT architecture consulting.

The old saying ‘good advice often hurts’ might well be true. But when ‘good advice is in a language I don’t speak’ the trouble really starts. I recognize that my customers want results, not explanations, so I cut to the chase and give you non-technical presentations and recommendations that empower you to make your own decisions.


Getting a firm grip on resource requirements need not be a guessing game, or have to depend on arbitrary opinions of outsiders. There may be some initial internal resistance, but sometimes a second opinion from an experienced independent professional can be helpful in establishing confidence that time plans are reasonable.

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I specialize in technological asset assessment as part of IT due diligence. The true value of a potential acquisition or merger within IT, is not revealed in a hardware inventory, risk analysis or process review. To gain an accurate picture of the current situation, as a solid basis for investment projections, requires an insight into the level technological competence that the target company is operating at.

Based on first-hand experience of both failed and successful mergers, I can produce a clear and indepth report that highlights the factors that will affect future productivity. This goes deeper than hardware and software assets, focusing on issues like the style and maturity of coding, thoroughness and effectiveness of testing methodology and the use third-party libraries.

Only with an appreciation of these grass-roots activities, can a realistic understanding of future challenges and payoffs be formed.


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About Me

Hi, nice to see you here. My name is Vlad and I'm working in IT industry since 2006. During that time I've been specialing with various business models, and always within a technical layer of the companies. Recently, I've realized I have a lot of the experience and knowledge that I would be happy to share. Talk to me and I'm sure we can find a fit. Find out more about me on my Linkedin profile.

Moreover, my professional background includes business management and computer science in startups as well as established companies.